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FEDER Support

Project number: 46925
Project designation: Tryba Portugal – smart production of doors and windows with high-performance levels in terms of energetic economy and continuous thermal barriers “BTC 36”
Support within the scope of the Incentive Program
Main Goal: Bolster the investigation, technological development, and innovation
Region: North
Beneficiary: ACWIN S.A.

Approval date: 24-02-2021
Start date:
End date: 30-06-2023
Total eligible cost: 49.276.167,14 Euros
European Union Financial Support: FEDER – 9.571.093,43 Euros
Project summary: Installation of a cutting-edge factory, producing high-performance windows and doors in Aluminum, PVC and Bioclimatic Pergolas, with own production of double glazing, with innovative characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation and security.

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